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Strawberry meringue layer cake

My birthday is coming up soon and because my day is this time of the year I always choose some kind [...]

Chilled juices & sweet smoothies

Delicious, chilled juices and sweet, tasty smoothies - what’s not to like? Especially now when the summer heat has finally shifted [...]

Earl Grey Cocktail

What to do when you love the concept of afternoon tea, but also like the fact that the days are getting longer [...]

  • Rye Bread Chips

Rye Bread Chips

January passed by very quickly according to me. The month was supposed to be healthy and cheap, but after a weekend [...]

  • Superfood Salad

Super food salad

If you follow any media at all you have most likely heard about Super foods. But to be honest, do you [...]

  • 'Snickers' Energy Bites

Healthy ‘Snickers’ Bites

Every January I am always very keen to go all-in on a healthy lifestyle, and every year it is equally hard [...]

Traditional Christmas table with a twist

A table story offers unique services rental for all events where a table is to be beautifully set and a mood [...]

  • Cool Nordic

Cool Nordic

Snow White landscapes, adventurous mood and an infinite calm. When everything comes together, there is not much that beats it. If you [...]

  • Mother nature

Mother Nature

“Mother Nature" is all about presence and contemplation, long walks in the countryside and enjoying a hot cup of mulled wine [...]

  • New Classic

New Classic

Christmas is just around the corner and you have probably already started the preparations in your head... – not least the Christmas decorations. This is without a doubt [...]

  • Global vibes in Provence

Global vibes in Provence

When Pia and Jan Amdi decided to move to France in 2007 it was not a very hard decision for them to [...]

Fifty shades of grey

When you enter Gry and Karsten's home, you are greeted with a calm and unpretentious atmosphere. Gry and Karsten live in [...]

  • Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Christmas wrapping ideas

Make your loved ones even more happy for their gift by wrapping the gift in a nice and personal way. It [...]

  • Holly Wreath

Easy DIY holly wreath

There is nothing more welcoming than a wreath on the front door. A wreath sets the mood and offer your guests a [...]

Kokedama inspired Christmas decoration

One of this year's Christmas decorations trends is to bring the nature inside our homes. This Japanese kokedama inspired Christmas decoration [...]

Halloween marshmallows

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? This amazing huge platform for all kinds of inspiration. An endless amount of lovely pictures of everything [...]

  • Lollipop Ghost

Lollipop ghost

Halloween is coming up - which means it’s time to fill your drawers with candy. Lots of candy. At least if [...]

Easy fall DIY with kids

All those beautiful leaves that are creating a soft carpet on the earth these days, deserve to have a second life! This [...]

  • Tea Party

Tea Party

As you've already figured out we LOVE theme parties! We love everything from coming up with ideas, planning, decorating, preparing the food and not [...]

  • I Scream Ice Cream

I scream ice cream

What can possibly be better than having your very own ice cream shop when you are a kid? That must be having [...]

  • Pirate party

Pirate Party

Theo turned 5 a few weeks ago and when I asked him what kind of party he wanted he did't hesitate with [...]

  • Thai dinner

Thai dinner party

Danish summer means weeks of rainy and cold weather. But when the sun and warmth finally arrive there is nothing better than [...]

  • Girls Birthday Party

Girls Birthday Party

Ella recently turned three and we therefore invited the girls from her kindergarten for a girls' birthday party. When you are used [...]

  • Easter Brunch

Easter brunch

We LOVE all kinds of celebration (big and small) and when there is something to celebrate we are more than happy to [...]

Quick guide to Hong Kong

I'm a big fan of Asia and especially the continent's many large cities such as Bangkok, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. So [...]

  • Barcelona Guide


To say that my expectations for Barcelona were high, is an understatement. – They were enormous! Everyone I know who've been to [...]


Eight years ago, my parents decided to pull up their roots and move to a typical small French town called Bargemon in [...]