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Apricot pie

– TASTE –|

These days I'm looking back with longing to our summer holiday in the south of France. The weather here in Copenhagen hasn't been too good lately and I really miss the warm weather and sunshine. I miss quality time [...]

DIY Beach Tic-Tac-Toe

– MAKE –|

The Indian summer has finally taking over Denmark and me and my family are enjoying it to the utmost. We take the opportunity to fill the basket at the grocery store with all kinds of [...]

I scream ice cream


What can possibly be better than having your very own ice cream shop when you are a kid? That must be having your own ice cream shop with all your best friends (and mum and [...]

Potato pizza

– TASTE –|

This potato pizza has become quite a recurring classic at our place. It is super simple to make and it tastes fantastic. You need very few ingredients to make it and it can be varied [...]

Frozen strawberry cheesecake

– TASTE –|

These days we are longing back to the wonderful weather we had in May and June, and to the day we made this tasty frozen strawberry cheesecake. It was inspired by Green Kitchen Stories' delicious "Frozen pink cheesecake", [...]

Thai dinner party


Danish summer means weeks of rainy and cold weather. But when the sun and warmth finally arrive there is nothing better than the light evenings, homemade koldskål (a buttermilk dessert, very Danish) and a dip [...]

Lemon & lime lemonade

– TASTE –|

I love warm summer days, where I can sit outside, relaxing, with the sun on my face, a new interior magazine and an ice cold bittersweet lemonade in my hand. Ok, having three kids that´s [...]

Apricot marmalade

– TASTE –|

While we were vacationing in France this summer, my mom made this delicious apricot marmalade. It is one of my all time favourite marmalades and something I always think of as quintessentially French. A spoonful of this [...]

Elderflower G&T

– TASTE –|

The weekend is upon us and what a great way to start it with these wonderful elderflower G & T's. If you are as crazy about G & T's as us, but also appreciate a little change [...]

Almond or hazelnut milk

– TASTE –|

I admit! I'm such a slow starter for some homemade food trends. Not because I'm not curious, it's more on the fact that that I don't take the time for it when my expectation of [...]

Rhubarb wreath

– TASTE –|

Those of you following our blog, probably know by now that the Swedish cinnamon bun/wreath is my all-time favourite pastry. As long as I keep trying a new combination which ends up just as [...]

Rhubarb lemonade

– TASTE –|

Having my own garden (for about 3 years now) but no rhubarb plant, that's what I call a garden disaster! So this year to plant my very own rhubarb plant is going to be on [...]

Healthy Orange Chocolate Truffles

– TASTE –|

Everyone in our household absolutely LOVES these healthy orange chocolate truffles and if you have a sweet tooth, like me, but still want to live a fairly healthy lifestyle, they are absolutely perfect! We have made [...]

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