DIY hanging flower vase

Our own little glass recycling bin always seems to be filled up. Fortunately the recycling station isn’t far away from where we live and we often take that short walk togheter with the boys, who love to help putting the glasses into the big recyceling bin and then hear the crashing sound. And okay, that is kind of fun, but what is more fun is to you recycle the glasses yourself, in some way that is really cool and fun. You can for example use your old jam glasses instead of paper muffin cases when making cupcakes (see recipe of cake in a jar here) or you could do these lovely small hangning flower vases of empty olive glasses.

This diy is extremely quick and easy to do!

Love Alexandra

You will need:

Empty olive glass
Jute yarn
A pair of scissors
Water and flowers

How to:

2. Tie yarn around the glass and then make a knot for example to a curtain rod or wherever your hanging vase will fit best.
2. Fill with water and flowers. Ready! I told you. Quick and easy. 🙂


These hanging vases are also perfect for culinary herbs in your kitchen or for tea lights!


Jute string,
€ 4,73

Notre Dame
€ 5,90

Cylinder vase,
€ 9,35

Hanging jar in copper,
Scandinavian Design Center
€ 43


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