Easter garland with mini pompons

There is still time for creating  some d.i.y for Easter. This garland will be the perfect decoration for your Easter gathering. Hang it over your table, in a window or on your china cabinet as here.

Need some help?
↓ Use our free bunny printable…

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Easter Garland
Easter Garland

Make the garland

You will need:

For the pompons
• Yarn
• A fork
• A pair of scissors

For the bunnies:
• Paper
• A pair of scissors
• A pencil
• String

Did you know...

The Easter Bunny isn’t really a bunny at all. Originally, he was an Easter Hare and originated among German Lutherans.
How to:

Make the pompons:
1. Wrap the wool around the outer two prongs, about 80 times.
2. Once you´re ready, cut the end of the wool and tie really tightly in the middle on both side to make sure it´s secured.
3. Take the wool off the fork and cut all the loops.
4. Trim your pompon so it´s round and nice.
5. Repeat until you have all the pompons you need.

Make the bunnies:
1. Use our free bunny printable or draw your own bunny on your choice of paper.
2. Cut out.
3. Repeat until you have all the bunnies you need.

Make the garland:
1. Attach the pompon on the bunny by using a needle and tie a knot on the back of the bunny.
2. Attach the bunnies on a string using glue or scotch tape.

Easter Garland
Easter Garland
Easter Garland
Easter Garland
Easter Garland
Easter Garland


  1. Julie March 18, 2016 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Nej hvor er de bare fine og sådanne en skøn ide til påske!

    • Blisscopenhagen March 20, 2016 at 9:18 pm - Reply

      Tak sødeste Julie:)

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