Kokedama inspired Christmas decoration

One of this year’s Christmas decorations trends is to bring the nature inside our homes. This Japanese kokedama inspired Christmas decoration is one way of doing it. To create a real kokedama (koke=moss and dama=ball) you tie the moss with a string around a plants root system, so that the moss works as a vase for the plant’s. The kokedamas are perfect as table decoration as you can contribute the style you want by the choice of plant.

I wanted, however, my kokadamas to be just a round ball (without a plant) and to hang in the window.

Love Alexandra

Kokedama inspired Christmas decoration


You will need:

• Paper Rolls
• Tape
• Moss
• Lace
• A pair of scissors


Spray your kokedama with water to keep it nice and green.

How to:

  1. Cut the empty paper rolls into two and then tape them together vertically. This is to be used instead of a plants root system.
  2. Cover the rolls with moss and with help of the lace, create a round shape.
  3. Leave a long part of the lace to tie your kokedama around your curtain rod.
  4. If you prefer to make a real kokedama, you only remove some soil around the root system of your plant before you cover it with moss. Remember that they should be watered.

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