How far is it?


So I have this thing about playhouses. I love that everything is so small, sweet and tiny. It’s easy and very cheap [...]

How far is it?2019-07-08T06:57:17+00:00

Halloween marshmallows


Who doesn’t love Pinterest? This amazing huge platform for all kinds of inspiration. An endless amount of lovely pictures of everything [...]

Halloween marshmallows2018-10-25T08:48:40+00:00

Lollipop ghost


Halloween is coming up - which means it’s time to fill your drawers with candy. Lots of candy. At least if [...]

Lollipop ghost2018-10-24T19:48:49+00:00

Fall fun


Here in Copenhagen fall has begun to announce it's arrival. The day has become shorter, the temperatures colder and the winds stronger. If [...]

Fall fun2018-10-25T08:14:50+00:00
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