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– TASTE –|

Now a days, there are so many different food days to celebrate. Some of them less interesting than others if you ask us. The good thing though, is that you might be reminded of some [...]

Easter brunch


We LOVE all kinds of celebration (big and small) and when there is something to celebrate we are more than happy to take the opportunity to gather our family and friends. Of course it's all [...]

Pin the tail

– MAKE –|

Yes, we do admit. We "borrowed" this cute idea from the fantastic blog sugar and charm. But this classic game is such an easy and fun game for kids in all ages so we [...]

Kid-Friendly Easter eggs

– MAKE –|

For us, Easter is all about spending time with family and friends. It's about quality time and having time for fun DIY projects with the kids. These Easter eggs are really easy to make and everyone in the family [...]

Fortune Eggs

– MAKE –|

Are you planning a gathering for Easter and want something nice and fun for your table setting? These d.i.y Fortune eggs are perfect. Both decorative and joyfull. Depending on how much time you have, you [...]



To say that my expectations for Barcelona were high, is an understatement. – They were enormous! Everyone I know who've been to Barcelona has had only words of praise left for this city and I [...]

Vanilla wreath

– TASTE –|

My favorite pastery of them all are with no doubt swedish cinnamon buns. And I guess if you ask my kids about their favorite, I'm quite sure that they will answer the same thing. So [...]

Cactus fever!

– SPACE –|

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you will have noticed the rampant cactus fever. The prickly plants are everywhere and in Copenhagen there has even opened a [...]

3 x chia pudding

– TASTE –|

These small delicious chia seeds puddings were ment to be my breakfast for some days in a row. But the boys thought they were absolutely yummy and instead of beeing my breakfast, this healthy overnight [...]

DIY scented candles

– MAKE –|

Like many others we are huge fans of scented candles! They are cozy, smell fantastic and come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing we are not fans of is the price. Many of [...]

Love yourself

– SPACE –|

In Denmark Valentines Day is a relatively new tradition, but is becoming more and more popular. However, there are many who do not advocate for Valentines Day under the excuse "it's an American tradition invented by [...]

Red velvet cupcake

– TASTE –|

When i think of Valentines Day, the first cake on my mind is the nice deep red colored red velvet cake. But despite the fact that it is the first cake, I think of my experience [...]

Oat-banana pancakes

– TASTE –|

My kids just love pancakes. So we eat pancakes often. Like VERY often. Probably too often. The good thing is that I've got plenty of great pancake recipes which I'm of course going to share [...]

Spring planting

– MAKE –|

Last year I had big ambitions about us having our own little vegetable garden. The idea was to plant a seed and follow its way from a sprouting seed to an open flower together with [...]

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