To make beautiful flower wreaths for Midsummer in Sweden is a tradition and absolute a must. Understandable as it is both incredibly beautiful and is the epitome of summer. But flower wreaths can be made of so many different kinds of flowers (though some are more durable than others), so why limit this fine head decoration only for summertime?


You will need:

• Floral tape
• Scissors
• Wire
• Flowers and greenery
• Ribbon


Ask your local florist which flowers are the most durable for the season.

How to:

  1. Shape the wire to your desired size. Take the wire and wrap it around your head to find your best fit. The wire should be 10 cm shorter than the head.
  2. Cover the ends with floral tape. Make a small loop and secure it with the tape on each ends.
  3. Create mini-flower bunches aprox. 10 cm long and attach them with floral tape to the wire. Attach the flowers in one direction facing outwards for the blooms to stand out. Make sure you cover the wire and the stems all the way. Continue to layer your flowers until you’re satisfied with your crown.
  4. When you get to the end of the wire, attach the two lasts mini-flower bunches in the opposite direction to cover the last stems and wire and to get a nice ending.
  5. Tie a ribbon in the two loops.