If you have small pieces of fabric left from old sewing projects, they can easily be turned into neat hair band á la 90s scrunches. Fabric scrunchies are both simple and quick to sew and are a perfect first sewing project for kids. Because the scrunchie is actually something your kid will use, it is extra fun and motivating for them to make.


You will need:

• 15x55cm of fabric
• 16cm wide elastic
• Straight pins
• Sewing machine
• Matching thread
• Large safety pin


Use the nice scrunchie as a bracelet.

How to:

  1. Fold the fabric lengthwise so that the sides align with each other.
  2. Press and sew with zigzag stitches along the side.
  3. Then sew with straight stitches along the side with approx. 1 cm to the edge, leaving 2 cm open at each side
  4. Turn the tube right-side-out.
  5. Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic.
  6. Hold the elastic and use the safety pin to guide it through the scrunchie. Push the fabric down as you go.
  7. Attach the elastic ends together and secure by sewing back and forth across the elastic.
  8. Close and sew the gap to cover the elastic.