The weekend is upon us and what a great way to start it with these wonderful elderflower G & T’s. If you are as crazy about G & T’s as us, but also appreciate a little change once in a while, you will like this variant with elderflower that still tastes like gin and tonic but with a fresh and sweet twist.

Have a great weekend soon everyone!

Elderflower G&T
Elderflower G&T
Elderflower G&T

Did you know...

That Gin and tonic originates from India, where expatriate British soldiers drank tonic water to prevent malaria (at that time tonics contained quinine and had a preventive effect). The bitter taste of quinine, made them mix it with gin and adding lime, and the famous cocktail was born.


You will need:

• 1 oz of elderflower cordial
• 1½ oz of gin
• 3 – 4 oz of Tonic water
• Ice cubes

1 oz = 29,5 ml

How to:

  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add the gin and elderflower cordial (add more or less gin or elderflower to suit your personal taste).
  3. Top with tonic water and stir with a spoon.