So I have this thing about playhouses. I love that everything is so small, sweet and tiny. It’s easy and very cheap to redecorate and the effect of just a small new thing is huge. A playhouse is also a perfect place for the kids to be creative and to be in charge of the decoration.

So is this little d.i.y-project, a distance sign to family members or other loved ones. I must admit though, I did it myself. Or at least I painted it myself. My oldest son got me the pieces of wood after a walk on the beach and then told me the names for the signs and my husband googled the distance and nailed the whole sign. But as I said I did paint it….

Love Alexandra

How far is it?
How far is it?
How far is it?
You will need:

• Paint
• Paintbrush
• Pieces of wood
• Wood pole
• Hammer
• Nail

Write all names and distances on the wood pieces and then nail them to the wood pole. Find a perfect spot for your sign. Done!!