Yes, we do admit. We “borrowed” this cute idea from the fantastic blog sugar and charm. But this classic game is such an easy and fun game for kids in all ages so we just could’t resist. And it’s even more fun if the kids want to be a part of creating the bunny.
How to:
1. Start by drawing your bunny. Remember to draw where the tail on the bunny are supposed to be pinned and one extra tail, preferable in another color, which should be the one you will use as your “pin”.
2. Place Blu-Tack on the back of the tail.
3. Hang the bunny picture on the wall.
4. Have the kids line up in a single line and blindfold the first kid in the queue.
5. Give them the bunny tail and gently spin them around three times.
6. Point the blindfolded kid towards the bunny and ask her to place the tail on the bunny.
7. Mark the spot where she places the tail with her name.
8. Once every kid has had a turn, the kid with the bunny tail closest to the correct position wins.