I admit! I’m such a slow starter for some homemade food trends. Not because I’m not curious, it’s more on the fact that that I don’t take the time for it when my expectation of the result doesn’t seem exciting enough. Maybe a little bit hard to understand what I mean, but almond milk is a good example. Ok, I totally agree that almond milk is tasty, useful and a good alternative to regular milk. What I did not understand was why I should make my own almond milk when it’s so easy to buy tasty almond milk in the store. I do not milk the cow when I want to have regular milk …

Luckily, in the end, curiosity usually takes over. Even this time. Homemade almond milk tastes amazing and it’s super easy to do!! My euphoria over this discovery immediately made me try to do milk out of hazelnuts and what can I say… I was not disappointed. Almond milk (or any other kind of nut milk) is going to be something by warranty,  you’ll often find in my refrigerator.

Love Alexandra

Almond and hazelnut milk
Almond and hazelnut milk


You will need:

For the almond milk:

160g almonds
1 l water
a pinch of sea salt
2 dried dates

For the hazelnut milk:

160g hazelnuts
1 l water
a pinch of sea salt
1 tsp. vanilla powder

What is anti-nutrient?

Anti-nutrients are natural or synthetic compounds that interfere with the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
How to (both almond and hazelnut milk):
  1. Soak almonds overnight. (No need for hazelnuts).
  2. Next day, rinse the almonds several times to remove the anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors.
  3. Put into a mixer together with new water, sea salt and dates (or vanilla powder for the hazelnut milk).
  4. Mix until smooth.
  5. Strain the milk by placing a nut milk bag over the opening of a glass bowl, jar or jug. Pour the milk into the bag, twisting the bag closed and gently squeeze the liquid through.
  6. Store the milk in a sealed container in the fridge. It will keep for 2 to 3 days.