Last year I had big ambitions about us having our own little vegetable garden. The idea was to plant a seed and follow its way from a sprouting seed to an open flower together with the kids. To increase the impact and to really create a WOW effect for the boys I choosed the majestic sunflower as the first to be sown.

Everything went so well. The seeds were planted and short after (only a week) we could see some sprout.

The boys and I were exited. Especialle Anthon. We went to the garden shop and bought all kinds of different seeds. Carrots, peas, lettuce, onions… We were going to have it all.

But after waiting for the summer to come in weeks and months our enthusiasm failed. Our fine sunflower sprouts were forgotten as they were standing in our backyard. And when the summer finally arrived there were nothing left of our prospective sunflowers. Some other garden project took over and the dream of our own little vegetable garden was totally forgotten. Until now…

Love Alexandra

For this little project you need sheets of newspaper, a pair of scissors, a small jar (spice bottle), your choice of seeds and soil for planting.

Make your seed pot of a sheet of newspaper and fold it around the spice bottle to get a shape of a pot.

Fold the paper so that it creates a bottom at the seed pot.

Fill with some soil for planting and your choice of seed. Water and wait. The entire pot can be planted in the ground once the soil is warm and the seedling is mature enough to be put in the ground.