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Potato pizza

– TASTE –|

This potato pizza has become quite a recurring classic at our place. It is super simple to make and it tastes fantastic. You need very few ingredients to make it and it can be varied [...]

Elderflower G&T

– TASTE –|

The weekend is upon us and what a great way to start it with these wonderful elderflower G & T's. If you are as crazy about G & T's as us, but also appreciate a little change [...]

Hammock time

– SPACE –|

So, when it comes to summer holidays what pops into your mind? For me summer holiday equals time... Time to reflect, time with family and friends, time to stay up late, time to make good food, time [...]

Almond or hazelnut milk

– TASTE –|

I admit! I'm such a slow starter for some homemade food trends. Not because I'm not curious, it's more on the fact that that I don't take the time for it when my expectation of [...]

Rhubarb wreath

– TASTE –|

Those of you following our blog, probably know by now that the Swedish cinnamon bun/wreath is my all-time favourite pastry. As long as I keep trying a new combination which ends up just as [...]

Girls Birthday Party


Ella recently turned three and we therefore invited the girls from her kindergarten for a girls' birthday party. When you are used to throwing boys' birthdays parties, with a high energy level and a lot of [...]

DIY Princess Crown

– MAKE –|

Just finished a very long period with different growing pains in our family. Being home with sick but at the same time restless children, calls for some good easy diy. At least after your kid [...]

Rhubarb lemonade

– TASTE –|

Having my own garden (for about 3 years now) but no rhubarb plant, that's what I call a garden disaster! So this year to plant my very own rhubarb plant is going to be on [...]

Outdoor living

– SPACE –|

Spring has FINALLY announced it's arrival at these latitudes and the coming weekend offers something as wild as + 20 degrees Celcious. Therefore, it is definitely time to get the terrace ready, bring out the garden furniture [...]

Healthy Orange Chocolate Truffles

– TASTE –|

Everyone in our household absolutely LOVES these healthy orange chocolate truffles and if you have a sweet tooth, like me, but still want to live a fairly healthy lifestyle, they are absolutely perfect! We have made [...]

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